Saint Faustina Kowalska: Trust in the Lord

In the following passage from her diaries, Saint Faustina Kowalska meditates upon the story of Jesus calming the storm in the boat (c.f.; Mark 4:35-41 and the related passages in Matthew and Luke). She transposes the imagery of Christ in the boat on the Sea of Galilee to a picture of what it is like for Him to be the ‘helmsman’ of our lives. The swirling winds and waves of the sea are reimagined by Faustina as the trials and disorder of human living, and amidst this turmoil, the passenger finds peace in the knowledge that she can trust in the One who guides the boat.

Loving trust in Our Lord is shown vividly here to be the key to attaining and maintaining a sense of peace and groundedness amidst the ordeals and upheavals of life. With a turn of phrase that is almost psalm-like, Saint Faustina reminds us that we must trust in Jesus, both because it is He who is ultimately in control, and that He who is in control is Goodness, Light, and Love. Our only task is to trust in this knowledge, and to let Love in:


The barque of my life sails along

Amid darkness and shadows of night,

And I see no shore;

I am sailing the high seas.


The slightest storm would drown me,

Engulfing my boat in the swirling depths,

If you yourself did not watch over me, O God,

At each instant and moment of my life.


Amid the roaring waves

I sail peacefully, trustingly,

And gaze like a child into the distance without fear,

Because You, O Jesus, are my Light.


Dread and terror is all about me,

But within my soul is peace more profound than the depths of the sea,

For he who is with you, O Lord, will not perish;

Of this Your love assures me, O God.


Though a host of dangers surround me,

None of them do I fear, for I fix my gaze on the starry sky,

And I sail along bravely and merrily,

As becomes a pure heart.


And if the ship of my life sails so peacefully,

This is due to but one thing above all:

You are my helmsman, O God.

This I confess with utmost humility.


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