Benedict XVI and C. S. Lewis: The novelty of modern Agnosticism (and a possible response)

This is a re-blog of an earlier post of mine. I had started to write a post in this area, and then remembered that I had already written pretty much exactly the same thing in November! This is the second time that this has happened now – either my memory is going, or I’m just getting lazy (or both). Anyway, here it is…

Journey Towards Easter

It is often asserted that agnosticism is the ‘default option’ when it comes to religious belief. People will claim that there is just not enough evidence either way to make a decision as to whether or not God exists. However, this, it seems to me, is something of a recent phenomenon, and contrary to the common experience of most cultures and ages. A quick survey of human history will provide ample evidence that it is properly basic to human experience to acknowledge the existence of some sort of divinity, which is responsible for the creation of the world, and the foundation of all the goodness and truth recognised by human beings.

This latter term – ‘recognise’ – is itself an illuminating one in this context, insofar as when we recognise something we experience re-cognition, or re-knowing (the word comes from the Latin cognoscere – ‘to know’).  So in recognising something…

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